"Trans Adirondack Route: A 240-Mile Walk on New York’s Wild Side," The Trek, 2017
Pretty photos and plenty of information for thru-hikers

"The Trans Adirondack Route," Pure ADK, 2017
Brief article on the route and how it came to be

"The Trans Adirondack Route," AMC Outdoors, 2013
Review of the Trans Adirondack Route, what it is, and what it means to hikers

"Erik Schlimmer and the Trans Adirondack Route," Rail Riders blog, 2014
Back story on the Trans Adirondack Route and its founder

"A New High Peaks Hiking Challenge," Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 2017
Hike the 270-mile High Peaks Wilderness Area's trail system and be recognized

"New Guide: The Trans Adirondack Route," Adirondack Almanack, 2014
Review of Blue Line to Blue Line: The Official Guide to the Trans Adirondack Route

"Thru-Hiking the Adirondacks," Visit Adirondacks, 2014
Interview with creator of the Trans Adirondack Route, Erik Schlimmer.

"The Trans Adirondack Route: A Clean Slate for Record-setters," Far North Endurance, 2013
Long-distance hikers setting new records or establishing personal bests on the route.

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