"Erik Schlimmer enjoys taking paths that others have not and adventuring in ways that no one has imagined." ~ Adirondack Sports and Fitness

Through Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route, Erik Schlimmer, the route’s founder, offers two programs. One is the multimedia presentation True Wilderness: The Adirondack Mountains and the Trans Adirondack Route. Highlighting Erik’s 100 best images from his explorations, True Wilderness is a four-season showcase of the East's largest forest preserve. The other, My Adirondacks, is a selection of readings from My Adirondacks: Ten Stories from Twenty Years, which was voted Best Memoir by the Adirondack Center for Writing.

During a fourteen-venue tour, 100% of hosts reported they were completely satisfied with Erik’s programming. During this same tour, 200 audience members were asked, "Would you attend another presentation by Erik Schlimmer?" 99% answered "yes," 1% answered "probably," 0% answered "no."

Erik possesses a bachelors degree in Speech Communication with a concentration in Public Speaking. His programs have been hosted by more than sixty venues.

Small venues within 100 miles of Albany, New York require a donation of $100 to Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route. As venue size and distance from the Capital Region of New York increases, so do fees. The highest fee is $500 plus accommodations and travel.

To present programming, all we’ll need is a display table and a PowerPoint projector and screen, that’s all.

To host True Wilderness or My Adirondacks, or to make an inquiry, please visit our Contact page.

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